Is Today Fat Thursday? Exploring the Tradition in Poland

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Is Today Fat Thursday? Fat Thursday happens on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday in February, just before Lent starts. This year, it falls on February 8th. It is a day to have lots of tasty food. As Lent approaches, people think a lot about food.

We all really want to eat yummy snacks, especially the ones we’re not supposed to have. If you thought of donuts first, you’re right! This holiday began in Poland, and it’s all about eating Polish donuts called ‘pączki’ and other tasty sweets.

Is Today Fat Thursday?

Yes, today is Fat Thursday and it is celebrated on 8th February. It’s about enjoying tasty foods before Lent begins. People have lots of fun and enjoy the treats with family members and friends.

History of Fat Thursday

Fat Thursday has been celebrated for a long time, since the 1500s in Poland. It’s a special day before Lent when Catholics stop doing things they love before Easter. During Lent, they avoid eating meat and drinking alcohol to think about Easter.

In Poland, Fat Thursday is known as ‘Tłusty Czwartek’. People celebrate it by eating special donuts called ‘pączki’ (pronounced poonch-key). These donuts are sugary and fried with testy jam inside and powdered sugar on top. While there are different fillings now, but the traditional one is rosehip jam.

People eat lots of ‘pączki’ on Fat Thursday. Some even call it International Polish Donut Day! It’s a fun day to eat these tasty treats and it’s also a tradition. Some people even believe that if you don’t eat at least one donut on this day, you’ll have bad luck for the rest of the year.

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Another popular dessert in Poland on Fat Thursday is called ‘faworki’, also known as Angel Wings. They’re thin strips of dough fried until they’re crispy and then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Timeline of Fat Thursday


The Dutch invent the first donut

The Dutch start making “olykoeks,” which are oily cakes – cake balls fried in pig fat, sometimes with uncooked centers.



Donuts get holes.

An American ship captain named Hansen Gregory puts a hole in the dough cakes to cook them evenly.



The first automatic donut machine is invented.

A Russian Jew named Adolph Levitt invents the first automatic donut machine.



‘Pączki’ becomes widely advertised.

To link ‘pączki’ with Fat Thursday, the National Pączki Committee starts many campaigns.


Fat Thursday Tradition Activities

  • Polish Bakery Visit: Visit a Polish bakery and be prepared for long lines on Fat Thursday, this day is known for busy bakery queues in Poland.

  • Homemade ‘Pączki’: If you’re ready for it, put on your apron and make your own ‘paczki’ with any filling you want. You can find the recipe on the Authentic Polish Baking Blog. If that’s too hard, try simple donut recipes like baked ones or unleavened donuts.

  • Family Feast: While it’s usually Fat Tuesday in America, try something different and have a Polish-themed family feast. Learn about Polish cuisine and enjoy this day of eating together.

Fat Thursday Traditions Worldwide

  1. Germany:
    “Weiberfastnacht,” or Silly Thursday, begins the carnival spirit, with businesses closing at 11:11 a.m. People dress up, come out on the streets and enjoy fun and feast.
  2. Spain:
    In Catalonia, it’s called ‘Dijous Gra’s’ . The carnival starts with dancing, live music and enjoying fatty street foods such as ‘botifarra’ sausages and sweet cakes.
  3. Greece:
    Greek Fat Thursday, or ‘Tsiknopempti,’ is a day for meat lovers to celebrate.
  4. Iceland:
    Known as ‘Bulludagur,’ it’s celebrated as ‘bun day’ on the Sunday and Monday before Lent. People enjoy sweet cream buns filled with jam and topped with chocolate.
  5. Italy:
    Known as ‘Giovedi Grasso,’ it’s celebrated with masked balls, buffets, and lots of fun.
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Fat Thursday Questions and Answers(FAQs)

What traditions happen on Fat Thursday?

People eat special foods like donuts and pastries. They enjoy these treats before Lent starts.

What kinds of foods do people eat on Fat Thursday?

People eat treats like donuts and pastries, often filled with jam or cream and covered in powdered sugar.

How do different countries celebrate Fat Thursday?

Different countries have their own way of celebration of Fat Thursday. They may eat similar foods or have different traditions, but they all enjoy special treats before Lent.

How is Fat Thursday similar to and different from Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras?

Both Fat Thursday and Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras are days when people indulge before Lent. They both involve eating special foods and having fun. However, Fat Tuesday is more famous for big celebrations like parades and parties, while Fat Thursday is celebrated in many countries, but the celebrations might not be as big as those on Fat Tuesday.

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