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Super Krishna Janmashtami Wishes Quotes & Images

Janmashtami, one of the most important Hindu holidays, is observed on the eighth day, or Ashtami, of the Krishna Paksha, or the dark fortnight, in the month of Bhadon. Shri Krishna, popularly known as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born on this day. When is Janmashtami 2021? Lord Krishna was Lord Vishnu's eighth avatar, and Janmashtami commemorates his birth.

50+ Happy Weekend Quotes to Brighten Up Your Weekend

Happy Weekend Quotes: Have you ever been looking forward to the weekend? Do you want to have the best weekend possible? Or are you planning on spending the upcoming weekend with your significant other? If you answered yes to any of the following questions, I'm pretty confident you're looking forward to an unspoiled weekend more than anything else. In general,

100+ Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

The relationship between a husband and wife is the purest of all. This is the story of two lovers who meet to begin their married life together, full of love and affection. For both of them, it's a really special relationship. It's a moment of unity and celebration. It's a happy occasion that marks the beginning of a long and

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A mother is the most precious person being on earth. She’s careful, she’s strong, and she can do anything independently, just to make sure her kid(s) have everything they need.

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