Cool Interesting Facts About Yoga

Facts About Yoga

Facts About Yoga: On December 11, 2014, the United Nations General Assembly recognized June 21 to be the International Day of Yoga, which is commonly known as Yoga Day, World Yoga Day, or UN International Yoga Day.

On June 21, the globe has joined together to celebrate the magic that is Yoga for the past six years. Here are a few amusing facts about this ancient, mystical, magical practice in honor of International Yoga Day.

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual activity that assists in moving the body’s and mind’s gears in a beneficial direction. Don’t underestimate the power of yoga, it can do so much!

 Facts About Yoga History

Yoga is one of the world’s oldest known physical practices, dating back over 5000 years

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise that is practiced by an estimated 300 million people worldwide

Yoga, in combination with meditation, has been shown to help slow down the aging process.

Yoga is predominantly dominated by women in the West today. It was, however, a male-only ritual until 1937.

According to several studies, doing yoga on a daily basis boosts your immune system

There are currently over a hundred various types of yoga, including goat yoga, nudist yoga, and ‘broga’ (bro yoga)

Facts About Yoga

Prisoners in India can reduce their sentences by getting top marks in a yoga test

All of the positions (asanas) were created to allow the yogi to sit cross-legged on the mat and meditate for hours without his or her body stiffening or hurting

Yoga practitioners practice it for a whole number of reasons, to increase their flexibility, tone up, improve their posture and build strength.

They also practice yoga for their mental wellbeing, to reduce stress, and live more mindfully

The sound of the universe is created by chanting ‘Om’ at the start and conclusion of a session, with the syllables A-U-M representing the past, present, and future, respectively

Shiva is the Supreme Lord of Yoga, according to Hindu mythology. He is also known as Adi Yogi, or First Yogi, and Adi Guru, or First Guru

The Saptha Rishis are supposed to have received the knowledge of Yoga from Lord Shiva (seven saints)

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The swastika is a yoga symbol derived from the term ‘Svastik,’ which means “that which is related with well-being”

The word ‘yoga’ first appeared in the Katha Upanishad, an ancient religious text

The official language of Yoga is Sanskrit. The term ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ or ‘to unite’ in Sanskrit

Swami Vivekananda is regarded as the foremost proponent of Yoga in the western world.

Yoga is one of the oldest physical disciplines in existence

Yoga originated in India

The word yoga means yoke or union

There are 19 different types of Yoga

Yoga connects the mind, body and soul

Yoga combines body postures, breathing and meditation

Yoga practitioners used to use grass or animal skin as a mat for their postures

Yoga Sutras, often known as aphorisms, number 196

There are 84 traditional Yoga Asanas, each of which represents one of Yoga’s eight limbs

Yoga is now actively promoted as a sport

Yoga can work every muscle in your body

Yoga was originally practiced as a form of healing

Yoga breathing is called pranayama

Yoga hand positions are called mudras

Yoga improves your immune system

Mudras affect the flow of prana – life energy within the body

Yoga is inspired by practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism

Yoga is banned for Muslims in Malaysia, as the Muslims believe that the practice does not go with Muslim culture.

Chair Yoga is practiced by seniors/people with disabilities

Bikram or hot yoga is practiced in rooms heated to 40°C and 50% humidity and can affect the body blood pressure and heart rate

Research has shown that practicing yoga can delay aging

Teaching yoga is becoming an increasingly popular career choice

Benefits of Yogas:

  1. Jivamukti yoga is performed to music
  2. Yoga increases self-confidence
  3. Yoga improves concentration and motivation
  4. Yoga eases digestion
  5. Yoga relieves anxiety, depression and stress
    Yoga improves your mood
  6. Yoga leads to a more positive outlook on life
  7. Yoga reduces anger and hostility
  8. Yoga improves memory
  9. Yoga helps to make you live longer
  10. Yoga helps to quit addictions
  11. Yoga aids weight loss by improving metabolism
  12. Yoga reduces cellulite through muscle stretching
  13. You’ll get a better night’s sleep if you practice yoga
  14. Hot yoga can improve your physical fitness.
  15. Yoga can give you a better orgasm!
  16. Yoga has been shown to help with premature ejaculation.
  17. Guarasana or Eagle pose has been said to improve male sexual performance
  18. Yoga improves posture
  19. Yoga can reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes
  20. Yoga can help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease.
  21. Diabetes patients can help to control their condition by regularly practicing yoga.
  22. Yoga can boost your ego!
  23. Yoga improves balance
  24. Yoga makes you more graceful
  25. Yoga improves reactions times
  26. Yoga prevents migraines
  27. Yoga delays aging by stimulating detoxification in the body
  28. Yoga can alleviate allergy symptoms
  29. Yoga increases pain tolerance
  30. Yoga reduces blood pressure and pulse rate
  31. Yoga helps prevent disease by massaging internal organs
  32. Yoga heals the body and prevents injuries
  33. Yoga can prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  34. Yoga alleviates Asthma symptoms
  35. Yoga helps people with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
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Statistics about Yoga:

  1. Yoga was first introduced in the US in the late 19th century
  2. 36 million people in the US regularly practice yoga.
  3. Yoga is the most commonly used complementary health approach in the US.
  4. Yoga was introduced to America in the 18th century.
  5. The most popular type of Yoga in the US is Hatha Yoga
  6. Americans spend $5.7 billion a year on yoga classes and Yoga Products
  7. 15.8 million or 6.9% of adults in the US practice yoga
  8. 72.2% of US yoga practitioners are women, 27.8% are men
  9. 71.4% of US yoga practitioners are college-educated, 27% have postgraduate degrees
  10. Hasyayoga or Laughter Yoga is practiced in more than 60 countries
  11. Yoga is being introduced into many medical centers as a complementary therapy alongside other treatments.
  12. A session should begin with gentler postures, advancing into more difficult ones
  13. The majority of yoga practitioners are under the age of 44.
  14. Laughter yoga is growing in popularity. You laugh for no reason to help release feelings of stress and depression.
  15. The good people of Oregon practice yoga with goats!
  16. Naked Yoga is practiced in many parts of the world. Naked yoga is gaining in popularity across Europe and the US
  17. Elizabeth Gilbert’s experience with Yoga led to “Eat Pray Love” which has sold over millions of copies worldwide
  18. The best-selling yoga book in English is Light on Yoga: Yoga Dipika by B. K. S Iyengar
  19. Instagram posts about yoga receive more likes if practitioners are wearing minimal clothing.
  20. Male yoga practitioners are known as ‘yogis’, female practitioners are known as ‘yoginis’.
  21. There are more than 100 yoga schools in the world.
  22. The largest yoga class was held in India and involved 100,984 participants.
  23. The largest yoga center in Asia is the Markandeya Yoga City in Bali
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Do’s and Don’ts of Yogas:

  • There should be plenty of ventilation in the room where one practices yoga.
  • A glass of lukewarm water should be drunk before commencing yoga.
  • Dawn is the best time to practice yoga because the air contains the most prana – life energy
  • The maximum amount of skin should be exposed to the air while practicing yoga.
  • After every 30 minutes of practicing yoga, five minutes of rest must be allowed to the body.
  • Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach
  • Yoga should not be practiced in front of a mirror
  • Loose clothing should be worn when practicing yoga
  • The mouth should be closed – breathing through the nose only


Every person places a high value on fitness. Your life can be made much easier if you are physically healthy. Yoga is one of the oldest kinds of exercise for keeping your body in shape.

Yoga, unlike other kinds of exercise, emphasizes the perfect integration of body and mind through breath stimulation.

The ancient yogis thought that each life had a finite amount of breaths. As a result, it made sense to extend our lives a little longer by taking calm, deep breaths.

It is a way of life that, if followed correctly, can protect you from all mental and physical illnesses.

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