Roar Like a Lion

Once a lioness dies while giving birth, leaving behind a cub

The lion cub joins a herd of passing sheep by accident. 

Dotted Diamond
Dotted Diamond

Raised among the sheep, the lion cub believes itself to be a sheep. 

Cub becomes a vegetarian and happily grazes on grass with the sheep. 

Image credit : ounsplash

The cub grows up as a young lion, but the sheep and the cub are unaware of its true nature. 

Image credit : Unplash

An old lion attacks the sheep herd and is astonished to find a young lion among them. 

Image credit : 9GAG

The young lion tries to escape, but the old lion captures it. 

The old lion takes the young lion to a lake to show its true reflection

The young lion realizes its true identity as a lion and unleashes a powerful roar

With its newfound strength and self-awareness, the young lion sheds its sheep identity and embraces its lion nature


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