AIDS Day time to learn and help each other, supporting  and spreading kindness. 

You can't get HIV from coughs or handshakes, only if someone has a cut on their skin

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HIV doesn't show symptoms right away, so testing is important to know if someone has it. 

Insects and pets can't give you HIV; that's just a made-up story. 

Sharing food or utensils with someone with HIV is safe and won't make you sick. 

If two people with HIV have unprotected intimacy, it can make the virus stronger and more dangerous

Even if you're told you don't have HIV, it's still important to be careful and practice safe habits, especially for some people at higher risk

If someone has HIV, they can live a long and healthy life with the right medicines

Getting blood from a hospital is safe now; they check it carefully to make sure it doesn't have HIV

Even with treatment, someone with HIV can still spread it, so it's important to be careful. 

Moms with HIV can make sure their babies don't get it by taking special medicines and precautions during birth. 

Medicines that fight bacteria and fungi can help people with HIV stay healthy. 

HIV doesn't spread through everyday things, but it's good to know the facts to stay safe. 

HIV doesn't always show signs, so it's important to get tested even if you feel okay 


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